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Welcome Message

From Incheon Port Authority

As the president of Incheon Port Authority, I am truly honored to have the 19th IALA Conference held here in Incheon, the main international gateway to Korea as well as where the world's most dynamically developing Incheon Port is located.

Incheon Port, which commemorates it's 135th anniversary of opening this year, is the important gateway port to Korea, and possesses grand-scale facilities where 16,000TEU vessels can be berth at the same time. Asia's biggest 50,000ton-class lock gate can overcome the tidal difference up to 10m, and the first modern lighthouse - Palmido Lighthouse - in Korea is still showing its dignity at Incheon Port.

Plus, Incheon Port exceeded 3.05 million TEU of container volume last year and have been placed as the global top 40 port, only 4 years after reaching 2 million TEU in 2013.

Marine aids to navigation is a significant function facility for the safety of marine transportation, and IALA has taken the lead of its institutional development to foster the safe, economic and efficient movement of vessels for over a century.

The 19th IALA Conference in Incheon will be a great chapter of exchange in expertise, experience, and technology in the field of marine aids to navigation. We sincerely welcome it and expect its contribution for Incheon Port's safer environment and development.

During this IALA Conference, various meetings and exhibitions will be held under the theme of "Successful voyages, Sustainable planet - A New Era for Marine Aids to Navigation in a Connected World". We believe this will be a precious opportunity to lead technical development and international attention in the field.

Once again, congratulations on the 19th IALA Conference and I hope the Conference to keep advancing as a center of cooperation and concord between maritime nations.

Bonghyun NAM
President of Incheon Port Authority