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Welcome Message

Korea Association of Aids to Navigation

It is a great honor to invite all of you to Incheon, the Republic of Korea, through the 19th IALA Conference 2018 to be held in May 2018.

Incheon Port is the doorway to Seoul, the capital city of Korea as well as a port which has the rich history and ultramodern equipment. The first modern lighthouse had constructed at the entrance of Incheon Port at the end of 19th century, since then it has been lightening up for safe navigation. Currently, the 5,350 of AtoN has been in operation nationwide, we make our best endeavor for a successful voyage and planet which will be developed sustainably.

The roles of the Korea Association of Aids to Navigation, as a public institution, are to carry out studies, manufacture and maintenance of national buoys, inspection on equipment of AtoN, international activities, courses for AtoN training and operation of the National Lighthouse Museum. In addition to that, we will do what we can do for a success of the 19th IALA Conference 2018 as an institution which shall comply its mission which is "Be a leader guiding the safe waterway" and a vision which is "Be specialized with the best technology".

To achieve "Successful voyages, Sustainable planet" which is a motto adopted by IALA, I highly expect that the General Assembly, Council, Industrial Exhibition and, especially, World Lighthouse Heritage Exhibition to be taken place with great enthusiasm to be made successfully.

During the Conference, a variety of social events and joyful partner program will be provided for participants to experience the past and the present and tradition and culture of Korea.

All of us in Korea hope that you could visit to the 19th IALA Conference 2018 and join a forum for history which opens to the future on AtoN.

I am looking forward to seeing you all in Incheon in May 2018.

Chanjae PARK
Chairman of Korea Association of Aids to Navigation
Republic of Korea