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Welcome Message

Incheon Metropolitan City

On behalf of 3 million Incheon citizens, I am greatly pleased to host the 19th IALA Conference to be held in May 2018 in Incheon, Korea under the theme of "Successful voyages, Sustainable planet" - A New Era for Marine Aids to Navigation in a connected world, and warmly welcome you all to Incheon.

Incheon City where historical tradition is alive does its role as a forerunner by accepting and steering advanced civilizations from the world since late 19th century which was in turbulent times, at the same time, and is considered as the most advanced international city both in name and reality which dynamically opens all ways towards the world through railways, ports and airports from the past to the future.

In addition, based on a variety of experiences from large scale of international events, Incheon City will do its utmost endeavor for the 19th IALA Conference to be succeeded.

I believe that IALA conference will be a meaningful occasion to discuss new policies and future directions of aids to navigation as the largest global gathering on the field. Incheon City will also lead efforts in solving these issues on maritime safety and marine environment protection that IALA pursues.

Leaders and members of international aids to navigation society,
Incheon City is growing into a dynamic global city that offers excellent international transportation and port infrastructure, including the Incheon New Port with Incheon International Airport where you will take your first steps into. Thus, I would like you to feel the new look of Incheon which has grown into a city of marine civilization.

It is my sincere wish for all of you to reap worthwhile results at the event and I hope that Incheon remains in your heart and glows like a lighthouse forever.

Jeong-bok YOO
Mayor of Incheon Metropolitan City
Republic of Korea