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Incheon Declaration


Historical Lighthouses have unique and strong symbolism in local and national societies as well as the world maritime heritage. Therefore, it needs to be treated more specifically than other cultural assets. Lighthouse cultural heritage is a meaningful legacy that we have been together from past to present and will be passed on to future generations. The Incheon Declaration reiterates the role of the lighthouse that has improved the safety of the ship for a long time and strives to preserve and manage the historic lighthouse as a world cultural heritage.

Incheon Declaration Ceremony

Date: June 2, 10:30

Declared by - Conference host, IALA Secretary-General, IALA Council Members

Main Contents

Understanding the historical lighthouses as World Heritage

International Cooperation for the conservation and management of Lighthouse Cultural Heritage

Strengthening international cooperation through information sharing on lighthouse cultural heritage

Making 'World Heritage List' and developing lighthouse cultural heritage through IALA heritage forums